Hiedi Hyacinth

Powerful Things in Small Packages

They say good things come in small packages. In Hiedi Hyacinth’s case, it’s more like “amazing powerful things come in small packages”. Don’t let her 5 ft 3 inch frame fool you. Inside there is a big set of powerful pipes and a whole lot of country strong.

On stage Hiedi’s powerhouse personality comes alive. Whether it was the first time she held a hairbrush in her hand imitating her childhood influences, Shania Twain and Faith Hill in the family living room as a little girl or high up on stage belting out her own originals to her first EP release Party, Hiedi owns the stage. There is an undeniable passion and energy to Hyacinth’s presence and she has the vocals to back them up.

“There’s nothing like the feeling you get from being on stage. The connection you feel with the audience is amazing, especially when you look out after singing a ballad and you see someone reacting to you, maybe through a look on their face or even through tears… and you realize you connected with them” - Hiedi Hyacinth

Hiedi has played many Rodeo’s, coffee houses and wineries building her audience and fan base every where she goes. In 2017 Hyacinth took a break from music to focus on her family. Despite a hiatus of nearly 5 years her fans welcomed her back in 2021, eagerly anticipating her new music. Hiedi signed with full time management, has built a strong team behind her and is excited about the future ahead.

Her first single released in 2022 All The Good Ones Are Crazy was picked up by 875 radio stations/shows in the first 3 weeks it was submitted to 1300 international radio stations. Entering an Independent country chart in Australia at #11. Proving Hiedi Hyacinth is an artist to watch.


Hiedi Hyacinth's Kelowna Christmas Kindness

Do you know a family, couple or person in need? Do you want to brighten their Christmas? I want to hear about them! This year as part of Hiedi Hyacinth's Kelowna Christmas Kindness I along with my team will be bringing some Christmas cheer to someone in Kelowna. It could be a family who can't afford Christmas, it could be a lonely elderly person who has no one, maybe it's someone on disability in need of something special. So many programs are designated for people with children which thats wonderful too, but I want ANYONE who needs a pick me up and some help this Christmas to be eligible to be chosen. 

Please include how many people, ages and sex for gift ideas. Do they need a tree? We will be providing one person or family with a Christmas dinner, and a gift card for a local grocery store for after Christmas so they can stock their cupboards! If they can not cook, please let us know so we can come up with another idea to make their Christmas special! 

I'll be deciding by Dec 14th so hurry!! 

How do you reach me?? 

Email me! info@hiedihyacinth.com 

 Have you joined Hiedi's Elves on Facebook? You could win some cool prizes and make people happy! Pick up your Elf card from EMPS on Evans road (ask for Kevin) Starting NOV 29th!!!! and then start doing your acts of Kelowna Christmas Kindness! Take a picture of the card you leave behind and post your picture to Hiedi's group on her Facebook Page. Thats it! You could win an amazing prize pack! 

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